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2 years ago

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I "Use My xhamster Wife is OK" (the wife of a bitch, I ) I can not believe I'm writing this, but I can I really think I'm living the life I now live two either. in my first life, I am a happily married 27-year- old woman xhamster n and mother. I am smart, handsome eat well, exercise, n and having a body, my eye still looks pretty critic says very good in a bathing suit. in my second life, I'm a whore senseless anything do my lovers young stud is what I want. Jon, my lover is 21 and works xhamster in our company works, delivery documents, photocopies, post- child, etc in all definitions of the word, a "piece". Works and your body xhamster is rock hard. Brown eyes, black hair beautiful, , and the best ass I've seen in a man. I am very professional in the office, but to lunch, softball games, and games, I'm an outrageous flirt. I can not help. At first, Jon is the perfect destination for my dalliance : handsome, young, single and very present I status and position in the office. He was always fun to mock s always a good athlete - a Christmas party at a house of friends. in the holiday xhamster mood and feel safe with my husband, Bob at my side, I was flirting mercilessly all night Jon . Later that night, I was leaving the bathroom upstairs n when a hand grabbed my arm and pulled me in a bedroom. It was Jon. " Come here, Cocktease. " He whispered, closing the bedroom door behind us. did not say a word because I assumed it was a joke now me in return, or maybe it was just a little too xhamster drink. shooting his hands on my breasts and I was around with the green velvet of my dress. His fingers found my no bra and her nipples hardened to his touch. " No, Jon, what do you think, right? My husband s down! " " I'm breaking a Cocktease. In my neighborhood we as wearing long, and are the worse, he known. When I'm done with you, do not tease meymore. " His speech rough and raw packet were so out of place, , so everything in my experience was so amazing, I was surprised had to suppress a giggle. But at the same time the the whole situation excited me. I feared for my safety, because of the configuration, and Jon and I knew it would hurt to me not. However, the roughness made ​​me to react. Bob always a gentleman in and out of bed, I had never spoken to did not feel like Jon. This was new and exciting. which fell almost freely if pushed again Jon I the bed. " Jon! Enough! Are you crazy? "I protested, but was keeping my voice low. Jon broke the zipper and pulled out a beautiful, stiff tail. Threw her skirt over my face, I moved in middle and result in my underwear, which just released n Remove the elastic step far enough to slide side to this wonderful cock in my already hot, wet pussy, and I got the best orgasm my ​​life within itself itscond stroke. When he arrived, he went and stood up. I sat and smiled, "Wow, I can not believe what happened, Jon. was great, but I can not believe I cheated on my husband" grabbed Jon 's deep in my head and took me to her even hard cock : "Shut up, bitch. fuck off clean. " took his cock hot and sticky in xhamster the mouth, sucked and then lick our juices its length. ? when working in the xhamster queue, Jon said: "Do you know what jokes on because they really are whores and that is the n is the only way to know how to ask how they want - hard fast . " I heard it, but enjoyed his cock to pay too much attention s of what he said. Finally, when it was clean, , gave the meat in his pants and zipped. He went from room without saying a word, and by the time he had reassembled me and returned to the party, was gone. This night was the beginning of my fall in lewd sex. I do not know it then, buJon was something I t could not live without it. xhamster Jon took me to bed, never existed Sun arousal knew I'd never been so excited , and I wanted more....................
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